Forehead to forehead with fear

Forehead to forehead with fear, Animals & Birds
Forehead to forehead with fear
“Forehead to Forehead with Fear” is a painting that emerged from a deep personal experience. As an artist, I wanted to show that the greatest fears are often just shadows that disappear into thin air if we have the courage to look them straight in the eye. This work is a visual representation of the courage revealed in the face of fear. It embodies the moment when you realize that, upon closer inspection, the fear that often holds us back isn't as scary as we first thought.

This image was inspired by a dream in which a majestic lion appeared. Initially struck by fear, I remembered Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous words: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." This realization gave me the courage to approach the lion. When I did, he lost his menace and became a symbol of strength and calm. The lion, once an image of fear, transformed into a companion on the path to self-discovery.

It is not the sun or the moon that shines above their heads, but Mars. I chose Mars because it symbolizes the unknown and humanity's dreams of colonizing new worlds. He represents the desire to go beyond our limits and achieve the impossible. In this scene, the red planet reflects our own unexplored territories that we must explore to realize our true potential.

Color nuances and style:
The painting's color palette features rich reds that dominate the composition, creating a feeling of warmth and passion. Golden accents, both in the jewels and in the aureole, give the work a royal shine and emphasize the nobility of the figure. Blue details add depth and contrast with the warm tones, introducing an element of calm and balance. This picture is part of the series "Time Travel through Art", which invites the viewer to take a journey through different eras and styles in art history.

Animals & Birds    47 x 63 x 1