New Era of Mobility

New Era of Mobility, Vehicle
New Era of Mobility
In my painting "New Era of Mobility", I decided to tackle the subject of changes in transportation methods that we observe in the world around us. This work is a reflection on the contemporary trend of replacing traditional internal combustion vehicles with bicycles and electric cars. However, my intention was not to glorify this change but rather to highlight its various aspects and spark a discussion on the actual ecological sustainability of such solutions.

I used luminescent paints in it, which enrich the work in an interesting way, allowing it to glow in the dark. This choice is meant to symbolically show how new technologies shed light on our daily choices and their consequences, which are not always unequivocally positive.

Through this work, I want to invite reflection on what truly lies behind the idea of 'green mobility' and what challenges may be associated with the hasty transition to alternative forms of transport. "New Era of Mobility"

Vehicle    39.41 x 31.5 x 1