Luminous Friend

Luminous Friend, Beginner
Luminous Friend
Hi, my name is Alexandra and I'm almost 8 years old. I would like to show you my picture of a firefly that I named "Luminous Friend." I painted it with acrylic paints on acrylic paper. This is my firefly; it's so shiny and flies at night. I also used blue and white pearlescent paint, which I really like. My firefly glows when it's dark.

My "Luminous Friend" has big, round eyes to see at night, and beautiful green wings that are like leaves. It also has glowing stripes on its belly that I painted with glitter paint, which makes it unique. When you look at it in the dark, it's like a little lantern.

I wanted to paint a firefly because in the evening, when I'm in bed, I see how they shine through the window. I often see such fireflies at night near our house. We live next to a forest. Sometimes adults are so busy that they forget how beautiful things are at night. But I remember and like to admire them, like the fireflies. They are so quiet and peaceful, but also important and beautiful. And I want everyone to remember that even when it's dark, there's always something that can shine and be beautiful, like fireflies and stars.

Beginner    16.7 x 11.7